Dec 23

testing the new equipment

new wheels and autopilot

Had a great day on the ocean today, trying out the new equipment, rudders, wheels and autopilot.
It all worked like a dream. Gaiasdream is so much easier to sail and shunt now. The autopilot keeps a razor sharp course even when we did 15 knots on a broad reach. Shunting is also much quicker now. One shunt was so quick the girlfriend had her up to 7 knots when I looked up from finishing of the ropes.

All in in all, a great day and a great result, worth all the hard work of the modifications.

Happy Holidays to everyone and hope you have a safe and fun time

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  1. Simon Bradshaw

    And that wheel looks like you stole it from one of those all-carbon racing machines lining up for the Sydney-Hobart 🙂
    So happy to hear how well the new steering rig is working!

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