Nov 18

Explorers club talk

Last Tuesday evening I had the chance to share my stories and outline my proposed expeditions with a group of fellow explorers. Thanks to an invitation from Chris Bray, I had been asked to give a talk at the Australian and New Zealand chapter of the Explorers Club. The special guest speaker was John Cantor who talked about his traverse of the Brooks Ranges in Alaska, solo considered to be one of the toughest solo expeditions of its kind..The other speakers included myself, Chris Bray and Jess Taunton who talked about their trip through the north west passage in a wooden junk- rigged yacht, complete with close encounters with polar bears and arctic fox cubs and our friend Dave Pryce, talking about the crazy re-enactment of the Bounty voyage, a very long-trip in a very small boat. The talks were held in an inspiring location, the Boat Shed in Balmoral and it was a great night, with a delicious BBQ looking out over Balmoral beach, and we met lots of inspiring people. For me it was a trip down memory lane as we had anchored in Balmoral when I arrived in Sydney ten years before and had to find ice cream at 6 am for my son Joshua, which was our tradition when coming into a new port. Chris and Jess are now off to the Galapagos and we look forward to hearing their stories and videos when they get back.

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