Jul 30

gaiasdream back to sea

Great news gaiasdream has been repaired and went back to sea to day for seastryls. The improved system works well and the other small improvements seem to work fine. Unfortunately the winds have been light in the last few days but it was a great start. soon when there are stronger winds I will push her hard just to make sure. It was no easy feat to remove the mast car with out removing the mast, but it all went according to plan.

mast on jacks with mast car removed

mast on jacks with mast car removed

mast on jacks to remove mast car


  1. Ralph

    Hi Ini,
    I realy wonder how you fixed this problem.
    Was there an uneven load distribution or something?
    could you give us entausiasts some insight?
    Can’t wait to see gaia’s dream sailing some serious blue water.

    1. admin

      Its a bit complicated but, the mast sits on 24 ball bearings on 6 shafts two of the ball bearings broke. I have put stronger casings round the ball bearings and gone from 3 lots of two shafts witch were made semi flexible with rubber, to 6 in depended shafts made semi flexible with rubber.
      The mast track is 7.5 meter long very close to a semi circle, but not with in 2mm. its seems that one bearing took to much load and failed which led to the failure of the one next to it. If you go through my old construction pictures on http://www.pacificproa.nl you can find more detail.
      I’m very confident that the upgrades will fix the problem. One way or other gaiasdream will do serious blue water this year!

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