Dec 02

GaiasDream has two new steering wheels

Instead of the tillers I have built and installed a set of steering wheels which are working very nicely.

We took GaiasDream for a spin today to refill the tanks with water in the marina.
She is now amazingly easy to steer with the bigger rudders and shunting is much easier to with the new wheels, especially when we go ‘back wards” into the marina.

Most yachts that have two wheels have them side by side. On GaiasDream the wheels are at each end of the yacht, which clearly confuses people as they sail past the mooring, but most seem to work it out eventually.

The next item due for an upgrade is the auto-pilot. The plan is to get a more powerful system installed before Christmas and I am now just waiting for the parts.

This week I will take her for a spin under sail, can’t wait….

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