With the near complete boat now on the river and having finally freed-up enough space in the shed, I began work on the boom, an engine box and the giant mast. Considerably longer than the shed, the mast had to be laid out diagonally from one corner to the other. Like the rest of Gaiasdream, the mast was built of plywood and glassed over for extra strength.

In early December 2009 I took Gaiasdream downriver, beneath the Princes Highway and railway bridge, for her mast to be craned into place.

As many cruisers can attest, the Kalang River mouth has a nasty bar at its entrance, even by the standards of our notorious east coast, posing an interesting start to Gaiasdream’s maiden voyage. Nonetheless, later that day she was squeezed onto the end of an outer pontoon at Coffs Harbour International Marina, dwarfing the marina’s other inhabitants. A few weeks later I was joined by good friend Simon Bradshaw for a two-handed delivery down to Pittwater and all the joy of being properly at sea after many months of hard work in the shed.

I recently finished building the deck cabin, prefabricating parts onshore and piecing the cabin together with Gaiasdream still on her mooring. After slipping proved near impossible at any of Sydney or Pittwater’s yards, we took to the tidal sand flats in Morning Bay for her first maintenance below the waterline.



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  1. Chris Bray

    Great website Ini!!! Looking great! =)

  2. Alison

    Hi Ini,

    Wow – what a great venture !! I’m going to be in the UK – but happy to help with any editing or writing !!

    Go for it !!



  3. Ben Tucker

    Looks good mate

  4. Robert Ammer

    A very good looking boat! Great design. I´m impressed. I wish you good luck for your circumnavigation!


  5. Fred Olivier

    Hi Ini,

    Fantastic boat and project, looking at it from Antarctica where fossil fuels are burnt in frightnening volumes (even if its to support science), I hope your circum nav will help carry the urgent message.

    Good luck and happy to help in any way.

    Fred (mate of Dave Pryce)

  6. Don McIntyre

    Sail safe and enjoy..great boat, great message, great adventure, great dream!!!..we need more people like you with PASSION!!!..Good luck Ini….Don

  7. Peter Richardson

    Very inspiring. Inigo. I’m building a proa myself at the moment, not far from you. It’s a wee bit smaller, though, at 6m. Being built to a Gary Dierking design (his T2 design) as that’s the closest I’ve found to the prows I sailed on in Kiribati some 30 years ago.

  8. Nick Hanlon

    Hi Ini! I organised the musicians onto your wonderful boat for Breakfree this year. I have lost my old phone with your contact number, could you please send me an email and hook up? Thanks and hope the sailings good! Nick.

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