Gaiasdream is the tenth boat I have designed and built. To this tally I recently added an light, open-transom fast dinghy for my son Joshua, named after Joshua Slocum – the first man to sail single-handed around the world.

I have worked hard to maximize the environmental credentials of all my boats. With Gaiasdream I have taken the quest for a truly sustainable yacht to a new level, even buying 100% green electricity to power the shed while she was built. The mast, hulls, cabin and crossbeams are built from Australian plantation timber. The engine, a standard Nissan diesel, I converted to run on recycled vegetable oil. The stove and oven run on ethanol and 600watts of solar panels provide more than enough electricity.

So how do the proa’s claims of speed, efficiency and superior sea keeping stack up in reality? Comfortably exceeding the speed of the wind in anything less than 15kts of breeze, she may well be the fastest cruising yacht on Pittwater. Despite her 71foot length, her long-range displacement, including tools, fuel and provisions, is a mere 9tons. She carries 172square metres of sail, of which 13square metres are in the 22metre wing-mast.

One of Gaiasdream’s most enviable attributes only becomes apparent when you leave the calm safe waters of Pittwater and head out onto the lumpy Tasman Sea. With the shorter hull to windward, when sailing upwind the tips of both the shorter hull and the main hull hit the oncoming waves at approximately the same time. The awkward “corkscrew” motion, with which sailors of conventional catamarans will be all too familiar, is almost completely absent.

So, with the boat finally complete and after a successful summer of sea trials, it’s time to set sail!


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  1. Chris Bray

    Great website Ini!!! Looking great! =)

  2. Alison

    Hi Ini,

    Wow – what a great venture !! I’m going to be in the UK – but happy to help with any editing or writing !!

    Go for it !!



  3. Ben Tucker

    Looks good mate

  4. Robert Ammer

    A very good looking boat! Great design. I´m impressed. I wish you good luck for your circumnavigation!


  5. Fred Olivier

    Hi Ini,

    Fantastic boat and project, looking at it from Antarctica where fossil fuels are burnt in frightnening volumes (even if its to support science), I hope your circum nav will help carry the urgent message.

    Good luck and happy to help in any way.

    Fred (mate of Dave Pryce)

  6. Don McIntyre

    Sail safe and enjoy..great boat, great message, great adventure, great dream!!!..we need more people like you with PASSION!!!..Good luck Ini….Don

  7. Peter Richardson

    Very inspiring. Inigo. I’m building a proa myself at the moment, not far from you. It’s a wee bit smaller, though, at 6m. Being built to a Gary Dierking design (his T2 design) as that’s the closest I’ve found to the prows I sailed on in Kiribati some 30 years ago.

  8. Nick Hanlon

    Hi Ini! I organised the musicians onto your wonderful boat for Breakfree this year. I have lost my old phone with your contact number, could you please send me an email and hook up? Thanks and hope the sailings good! Nick.

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