Jun 12

Inigo To Yvette

Finally myself

Since this is a web page about what I do, it would not be complete without sharing a major change I have had to make in my life.


Male Inigo to Female Yvette

After 35 years of struggling with gender issues, something had to give last year and I took steps to get some help.

I have had some very happy years but there were also some very unhappy ones.

My psychiatrist promptly diagnosed me with gender dysphoria, which means my brain thinks I’m a woman but I have the body of a man.

It has been a long and sometimes very painful road, which is not finished yet, but now I’m finally myself; a woman. It’s a major step forward in my life.

I have never been myself, it will be very interesting to finally find out what that means.

My new name is Yvette(I chose that one) Ini(old nick name) Enid(name I was

supposed to have) Wijnen.

I now have a new birth certificate issued in the correct gender and with my new name and an new passport.

I still do the same things, and Gaiasdream although for a little while had to go on the back burner, is an high priority in my life.

I have also got a new domain name to go with my new name.


I’m sure this change will not be easy for everyone , especially people close to me.

I thank everyone for their support.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments.

With love Yvette


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