Mar 20

Latest sea trials of Gaiasdream.

Today I took gaiasdream out single handed to try out the new modifications.

The spreaders have been modified to face more aft to solve a number of issues. Witch worked really well.

Also There was a risk of she main sheets getting caught on the new davit, it turned out to be no problem at all.

We tried out the davit as well, while Gaiasdream was under autopilot doing 6.5 knots my son Joshua came alongside in Aquarius the blue fast boat I built for him with a top speed of 23knots.

Hooked up the towing and hoisting lines and then lifted it clear of the water, it was extremely easy and worked really well, the dingy is high enough above the water to keep there on an ocean voyage.

This is a great asset, not many yachts can deploy there dingies while under way and at short notice.

All in all a great day on the water!


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