Jul 26

New wind generator

On the weekend I in stalled the new Silent Wind wind generator. Its very quite it makes a zooming noise but nothing annoying like some of the other marine wind generators. It will be a major help with our electricity needs as it charges the batteries 24 hours a day when we are sailing. It has been sponsored by Silent Wind’s dealer in Australia – Wolfgang Salinger. www.silentwind.com.au


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  1. Emily wijnen

    love the website dad its preety cool <3

  2. Harm

    like to know the results of the SILENTWIND, I bought one but it gives 30% less than the specs are telling


    1. admin

      I’m really happy with it mine puts out pretty much as stated, saying that, I don’t use it for high wind speeds as I don’t need that much power. I mostly use it for topping up the batteries on cloudy days.

  3. Floyd Pomeroy

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