Nov 25

Pacific Vaka’s


Pacific voyaging society.

Last Wednesday four pacific vaka’s arrived in Sydney for the opening of the World Parks Congress with a message that Climate change is already affecting there islands and that the rest of the world needs to act.

Gaiasdream was in Sydney harbour to welcome the Vaka’s and escort them from the heads past the oprea-house and the Sydney harbour bridge to the Australian maritime museum.

Today The Vaka’s prepared and departed Pittwater, NSW, for their voyage to New Zealand.

We sailed with them on Gaiasdream untill they were well outside the heads.

the arrival of the vaka's in sydney

the arrival of the vaka’s in sydney

the vaka's on the beach at bayview

the vaka’s on the beach at bayview

Hanui departing pitwater

Hanui departing pitwater

IMG_20141124_130510We wish them fair winds.


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